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Epic - Conor Kostick
*This review will not adequately express my feelings about this book*

I couldn't get into this book.

The characters were extremely bland. I didn't really care what happened to them.

I was frequently bored and ready to give up.

I thought that, as always, the way that the government did something "in order to make the world a better place" and managed to mess it up andor gain even more control over it was, while true, getting a bit cliche.

The "no violence" law got on my nerves esp. when they (not just the government) were angry at Erik's father for hitting a man who was about to rape Erik's mum (before they were parents). Seriously? Have a little sense.

They took it too far, as always.

In theory, no more violence.

(I was confused about how, exactly, no violence led to living your life in a game. That was never explained properly. And we also never got backstory pertaining as to howwhy they decided to enforce this law and everyone went with it.)

In reality, the people are stuck in this crap society where they are forced to play in this game, Epic, allowing them not only to dispel some pent-up anger but to advance in life. You die in the game and your life is worth nothing. The weak-willed sit down and take it. The slightly more brave of the group will occasionally rebel. But not really. They either

A. Die (see below)


B. Go into hiding because they couldn't actually do anything about it.

But their freaking corrupt government, if you are in their way or they just decide they don't like you, waltzes around killing people not only in the game but in real life. Because, hey!, why not!? Nobody can do anything about it!

Okay, so enter Erik and his motley crew of (boring) friends. I had a hard time believing, not that some teenagers would fix the problem, but that that group of teenagers would.

So, in essence, I never enjoyed reading it, I was bored, I quite frankly didn't care, many unexplained things, and I'm not sure I'll ever read the sequels.

Oh, and, if this book had had correct pacing, there would be no need for sequels. Everything could have been contained in one book.