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Starling - Lesley Livingston

Cover: Excuse me? Cover design artists? Can I has your attention?


Mason's hair is black (as Fenn points out on more than more occasion). Not brown
Her eyes are sapphire blue. Not brown.
Why is she in water?
What kind of a blurb is that?

I liked it. It was a very interesting, fast read. I was never bored or wanted to chuck it aside. I liked the characters. Esp. Fenn, the poor dear.

This book is similar but different enough from Wondrous Strange trilogy that it didn't bother me. Esp. since there is a crossover.

Mason: Super rich. Horrible life. Smart and brave. But not overly so that you want to smack them because they're FEARLESS and stupid-smart. You know the ones...

Her dad is completely too far gone to be saved. Her brother locked her in a shed for two days when she was little resulting in her dying and then someone bringing her back to life. Not entirely sure who/what/how. her having fairly severe claustrophobia. Which I really hoped would be used more. So it created suspense and Fenn could save her.

She is pretty instantly attracted to Fenn. And do you want to know why the "instantly" part works here? Attracted. Not in love. And I like them which makes a big difference as well. At first, I'll admit, I was all, "IT'S TOO FAST, I TELL YOU! TOO FAST! SLOW DOWN! YOU'LL CRASH YOUR LITTLE HEARTS!!" But then I got here and all was well.

"Fennrys would even, if his timing was just right, steal the odd, rare, kiss.
But that in itself was something that he approached as if it was a precious, gifted opportunity not to be taken lightly, or advantage of. Mason was special. And he didn't want to do anything to pressure her or make her wary of him."


"He grew determined to find out who-or what- he was. If only because that was the only way he would ever let any kind of relationship develop further between him and Mason Satrling.
She was far too special to let anything happen to threaten her. Even if-maybe especially if- that something was him.
So he took it slow."

I think This is totally subject to change that I like Kelley slightly better as of right now.

I liked Mason. I liked her story. But I have some concerns as to where it is going.....


The end of this book begs to be asked this question.

I obliged.

Moving on......

Have I told anyone just how much I ADORE alternating POV??? Well, I ADORE it. I would marry this literary device if only I could.

Fenn: Fenn, darling. You poor tortured soul. Aww. If only you had someone who cared about you.....

*enter Mason*

Her!! Yes, her! She is perfect. She cares about you and quite frankly, you care about her too. You want what's best for her and you want to protect her and I just feel like you two should be together. Thy are not OTP level. I don't even really ship them to a large degree but I do like them.

Allrighty, on to other things.

Clearly I need to re-read Wondrous Strange to refresh my memory on back-story that we get on Fenn.

Rory: Um, you are psychotic. Am I the only one who wanted more to come out of his "Will threaten Mason to get to Fenn."??????? It's entirely possible. I am a bit queer that way.

Mason's dad: You are the father of all psychotics, you nut bag. So it makes a twisted sense that since he comes from the family of Norse "god" servants, that he would be all for bringing about what they wanted. But "are you a crazy person?" applies here in so many ways. Surely even you, Mr. Starling, can see that Ragnarok would not be the greatest idea ever? Surely you won't actually sacrifice your daughter to bring this about? Surely you aren't a heartless crazy-as-a-bag-full-of-cats psycho?



Roth: Mmmmmm. I think I maybe could like you. More on you, please? Maybe I can give you one of Fenn's "Save Mason" chips if you be a good person, yeah? I would like to see more brother & sister relationship in this series.

Heather: I ended up liking her. I didn't think I would but then I did.

Mythlogy: Well, very much a hodgepodge. Fey and Norse play the biggest part but it's made clear that all the mythologies are somewhat mixed together. I would love more explanation on all that in the future.

I am pretty excited for the sequels. By which I mean, "GIVE THE NEXT BOOK TO ME NOW OR SUFFER. Darn cliffhanger.

I liked the characters. I liked the story(though I was a tad confused). Good pacing and plotting(providing I get answers!!).

Content: language.