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Uncommon Criminals - Ally Carter 4 12 stars. I liked "Heist Society" a little bit better. The second book in the Heist series.

A lady comes to Kat and Hale telling them about the Cleopatra Emerald, asking that they steal it and return it to the rightful owner. So they agree to the job, gather the rest of the crew, steal the Emerald, and return it to the lady, Maggie, only to realize that they've been conned. So they plan a brilliant con to con Maggie.

Involving twists and twins, interrupted conversations between Kat and Hale, the curse of the Cleopatra Emerald, cons galore, exotic locales and the same amazing crew from the first book.

Again, the camaraderie and friendship between everyone was wonderful.

Loved it. Highly recommended.

Fan Mix

1. Stolen (Dashboard Confessional) - Kat and Hale
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3. All Yours (Metric) - Kat & Hale
4. The Good Life (Frank Sinatra)- Hale & Kat
5. Good Life (OneRepublic. Chorus only) - The Team
6. Listen to Your Heart (D.H.T) - Kat

and, because I can,

7. Sooner or Later (the Grass Roots) - Kat and Hale