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Found (The Missing, Book 1) - Margaret Peterson Haddix
2.5 stars.

It was okay.

A fast, pretty interesting read, with nothing objectionable in it.

I found the writing to be rather juvenile. Characters at times annoying andor stupid.

The characters annoyed me partly because they are all too busy applying makeup, talking about their crushes, or hoping to date someone to do anything else. Like read. Or gain any life skills at all.

They ask ridiculously stupid questions like, "Is "regretful" a word?"

Or in the second book, Jonah doesn't know what a tapestry is. I mean, wow. Uneducated much??

The time travel aspect was cool. I love time travel though it makes your head spin a bit.

Interested to see where she takes the series though so I will be continuing the series though it shall never attain near favorite status.