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Salvation - Anne Osterlund This was so disappointing. Maybe when I have calmed down and stopped sobbing over just how betrayed I felt that this book kinda sucked, I will be able to actually write a review.

First off, the setting. So modern. Very different. Not a bad thing by itself. But with all these "modern" characters that are so...ugh. I mean, all of them are or at one time (except Beth) have been sleeping around. They're crude and annoying. Not very likable.

Salva and his friends are Catholic though they sure as shooting never show it. Sure Salva and them go to Mass (which was never capitalized in the book, by the way) but only because they are afraid of their parents. They sleep around. And Salva doesn't have the greatest attitude towards the Catholic Church. It's not horrible but not great. In any case, Salva isn't living his faith. And, yes, I'm aware that that is not the point of the book, but if you're gonna bother making a character Catholic... can they at least try?

The romance: What happened here? Goodness. Beth has been crushing on Salva since the eighth grade. He took no notice. Now she is finally getting the boyfriend of her dreams and all they can do is make-out? Try to throw in a meaningful conversation and then Salva just goes after Beth like there is no tomorrow.

And then the scene in which Beth and Salva are making out (as they are wont to do) and things start escalating and then they stop...and say they can't do this. But decide they need to get "protection just in case they do anything".


The story: *ahem* What? So Salva's dad cares too much. Beth's mom doesn't care enough. EEK. Education problems. College choices. Wow! There's so many! Betha and Salva make out. They make out while the education problems continue. Scattered Spanish phrases to make it feel authentic. "I can't be with you anymore, Beth." RAGE QUIT!!! Crash. Salva hurt. Best friends dead. Salva depressed. Beth's mom: "I was worthless this entire book, but baby, I'm so proud of you and I love you."Beth happy. Beth kisses Salva. "I love you." Oh, boy! "I love you too, Beth". Everything is magical and bunnies and sunshine and rainbows. And we're gonna petition.....for illegal immigrants? The end.

So what was that all about? Just stupid.

I was expecting something worthy of Anne Osterlund. But I gotta say: Salvation was pretty bad.

ANNE!! What happened to the amazingness that used to be your books?

After finishing this book I was just thinking of all the reviews that I read that made me really excited:


And this was me:



(And, yes, I found myself a giant Hershey's chocolate bar to hug and eat. I also crawled into my sock drawer....)

I was just SO freaking excited for this book...and it was SOOOOO disappointing.