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Croak - Gina Damico 2.5 stars.

Okay, fair warning. I had a really long in depth review written up
and my computer killed it. Sooo this review might be missing some stuff and/or all-over-the-place. I tried.

After much deliberation, I gave it 2.5. I mean, it wasn't great. It wasn't fantastic. Lex was super annoying for the first half of the book but...I did love the town of Croak. Not the occupants. Just the town. The idea for the book was original and inventive. Some cool aspects there. I loved Uncle Mort. So there were some redeeming qualities. Though I'll probably never read it again.

Lex was an immature, sassy (in this case, almost a bad thing)
violent brat. That about sums her up for the first half of the
book. But as she comes to know her fellow Reapers and become
a part of the small town of Croak, she begins to..lighten up? She
is a little nicer. Her thoughts aren't so angsty. She doesn't want
to kill punch everyone all the time. And she comes to
some important realizations about the job she does and the life
she lives.

Uncle Mort = just plain unexplainable awesome. Best character
in here.

Driggs was decent. He was sweet and yet gave it to Lex as much
as she shoved it at him. Like when he punches her right
back after she punches him for no reason Maybe that
was when I decided he wasn't so bad.

I was so happy:

A. No love triangle. I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, if one
crops up in a later book, I. Am. Out.

B. The romance was not all encompassing. It was there. It was meh.
But it was not shoved in your face and you were not
informed that this was the most important thing in this book.

Croak is a pretty nifty little town. I loved all the names. Dead
Weight(gym), Pushing Daisies(florists), Dead End(main street),
Slain Lane, Corpp's, etc. The idea behind the Reapers and all the
Grim towns was interesting. I could go into details but that
would take a while....

I loved the Afterlife. All the authors, presidents, and inventors
hanging out, picking fights, and arm wrestling.

I have heard this book labeled as "hilarious". Well, it's not. it's
got some funny quips, snarky retorts, plays on words, etc. And
while that garnered a few smiles, there was no laughing on my
part. Entertaining? Yes. Hilarious? No.

I felt that we still didn't get a good explanation why Lex was a
model child and suddenly turned into a raging twit. Or why all the
other Reapers go angsty for a bit. It has to do with their powers. But it was never made clear WHY that happened.

That ending.

Cordy is dead?! Lex's twin sister is dead? I mean, I'm not even invested in these characters but killing protag's twin sister is cruel and unnecessary.

Oh, and I totally called Zara. Just sayin'.