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Scorch - Gina Damico 1.5 stars

Nuh uh. Nope.

Since WTF is a rude question, I'll just stick with why. Just why. Why would you bother writing a book with a halfway decent storyline and then ruin it with characters that are rude, annoying, crass, immature, not to mention horny. WHY?


Lex is now one of the worst main characters I have ever read. Sad, but true. I would like to Damn her myself, but seeing as how that's WRONG, I won't. Though apparently she doesn't have any such qualms. She's perfectly content to run around, Damning souls, and blaming it on Zara. She claims to feel oh so guilty for getting her sister killed, Damning Corpp, and the crap ton of other misfortunes she's caused, but do her actions show remorse? Not a bit. Does she get reprimanded? Nope. Does she continue what she's doing, DAMNING the consequences? You bet.


Driggs: He has now lost whatever small iota of respect or even like he once had from me. His relationship with Lex is apparently all he's in the book for. And it's not even a good relationship. (I'm blaming Lex here too, by the way) They're constantly making out, making lewd comments, and, you guessed it, doing everything in their power to sneak someone dark and alone, preferably with a bed, but I honestly don't think they'd care that much. Showers will work too. << That scene was just...ugh. Distasteful.<br/>
Seriously? Why? What's the point? If that's what most teenagers are like, count me out.

Mort: I still sorta liked him. The only time I wanted to smack him was when he's okay with Lex Damning people as long as she doesn't let it get out of control. How are you okay with that?

Zara: Mmmm. *shrug* She's psychotic. What more do you want?

I swear, I was okay with the story till the end. WHAAT?! So we got rid of Zara only to have NORWOOD have the power to Damn? And now Driggs is a ghost? ( HAHAHA. Get owned. And I really hope Lex feels bad about that, again, being her fault too.) AND, in order for there to be a story for the next book, the Afterlife is deteriorating?



This is where me and this series part ways. Adios!