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Duty and Desire - Pamela Aidan
Hmm. Well.

That was...interesting.

This covers the part of P&P in which Darcy is not seen at all. So it makes sense that Elizabeth would not be seen but that doesn't entirely account for the rather weird book that this is. The author got to take some a lot of liberties with this one. I'm sure she had fun. I'm just not sure I had quite as much.

First off, there was the whole "Darcy being "dangerously" attracted to the nasty flirt who turned out to be the villainess in a strange twist that no one saw coming that was incorporated with a twist that I actually didn't see coming, mostly because it was freaking crazy."

And then there was the whole "Weird blood moon pagan sacrifice, what the heck, that chick's not dead and she's out to get you disguised as the ugly maid but it's really her daughter that's in cahoots with her and HOOVER DAMN!! There was a baby pig in that blanket!!!!

Confused yet? It's okay. Me too.

I did very much like Darcy and Georgiana's relationship in this one. How close they are and the added scenes with them that you never get in P&P.

But my advice? Skip book 2 and go straight to 3. You'll thank me later.