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These Three Remain - Pamela Aidan
I loved this one! By far my favorite of the "series"/three volume novel.

There was this part of me that couldn't stop from being in fangirl overdrive. It was almost, but not exactly, like watching P&P (1995) for the first time. You're overwhelmed by how good it is and you know what's coming so you're super excited but at the same time you don't want to get there because then you'll be too close to the end and when you're at the end then, obviously, it's over and there's about a 5-minute high from reading/watching it and you're gleeful and smiling and then you're depressed. Because it's over.

So many Darcy/Elizabeth feels. Georgiana and Dy. Charles and Jane. So many feels.

I really thought that this was also the best written. Darcy is less soppy, which has more to do with his character change than anything else but still, which made for more enjoyable reading. You see Darcy in his many roles; brother, friend, master, suitor, which is great. I found myself really liking how his character was written in this one. Really well done. You see more of Elizabeth. You get some of Dy's story. Did not see him being a spy coming. I, personally, feel that that didn't need to be added just cause it felt so...off. Just not at all with the story. But that was me. Also, I kinda ship him and Georgiana.

The scene when Darcy tells Charles about trying to separate him and Jane was so good. I was extremely pleased with how that was handled.

I liked this series as a whole so much because, besides being pretty well-done, of all the "behind the scenes" scenes that you heard tell of or knew happened in P&P and never got to see but now you do. Plus, Darcy's POV. I think that's enough said.