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Crewel - Gennifer Albin
Just another book for the "potential wasted" pile.

I mean, come on. UGGGGH. I give you hours of my life and you treat me like this?

First off, the story is interesting. Webs, weaves, colors, threads, and life. But maybe it's the characters that I cared not a bit for. Maybe it was the society. Maybe it was the "dystopian" vibe. Maybe it was the love triangle. Maybe it was any number of things in this book. But all of the crap together outweighs any enjoyment I got from this.

It would take far too long to go into the Crewel world so I won't.


I had been planning to have a big thorough review for this one but then......managed to forget pretty much everything I was going to harp on...

First thing that comes to mind right now is....

Love triangle from hell

So Ad kinda likes this guyAnd he has pretty blue eyes and he's a hunk.. But then she also kinda likes this other guy. Who also has pretty blue eyes and is a hunk. So she kisses the one. And then makes out with the other cause she doesn't like the other one as much anymore. And they talk and she LOVES him and they make out some more and then, at the end, she finds out they're brothers. NO, REALLY? But she acts like she's been figuring it out the whole entire time when the way it's written is like, "Oh...yeah, I totally knew that! It was, like, how hot you both are and the way you guys kiss. I totally never noticed that your eyes are exactly the same and your backstory sounds the same. *brothers look at each other like,

J: Dude, you kissed my girlfriend?
E: Well, she wasn't your girlfriend then, bro. Well, maybe...I'm not sure about the time frame.
J: Whose is she now?
E:...I don't know.
J: Pretty sure she's mine.*

No, no, no, noooo. Why? What possible reasoning could there be for not only a love triangle but a love triangle with brothers. AND Jost has a kid. So she'll be in the mix. Just no.

Stupid characters

Pretty much all of them esp. Ad.


Huh. Well, the first thing I noticed in the book is how all the girls bring up "purity standards" and how they have barely ever talked to a male that wasn't, like, their dad, and so, in my mind, you'd imagine them to be, I don't know, hesitant? Shy? suddenly being around all these blond haired, blue eyed hunks, but no, they're perfectly outgoing. Going so far as to throw themselves at these guys.


I just don't get it.


Okay, I seriously saw....the head Spinster witch lady that I so cannot remember her name but I know it started with a "M" as description.


The society, which I know I had notes on and lost, darn it all to heck, was so messed up. It was awful. But now I need to find another review that didn't lose their notes that I can reroute you to.


Okay, I'm gonna bring up something "controversial" but I don't care cause it's my review though I will put it in spoilers so you all don't have to look at it. There is a lesbian couple in here whose relationship is frowned upon by the villain. (Of course it would be the villain..*rolls eyes*) What also annoyed me though was that it was frowned upon, and prevented, merely for the reasoning that "there needed to be a man to control the woman in a relationship", not because, oh, it's immoral in above itself.


The ending:

Ad: You guys are brothers!


Ad: :(

Ad: But at least now he'll help me get my sister back!!

Erik: Hey, look! A hole! I'll jump through that!

Jost and Ad: Hey, like, can we come too?

Jost, Ad, and Erik: Woah, is this...Earth? It's totally rad, man.

Ad: Hey!! Helpicopters!! I wonder if they'll be friends with us?

The End.


Ookay. Go for it. I mean, I won't be there for the rest of it...but go for it.

Content: Kissing. Lesbianism.