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Iron Hearted Violet - Kelly Barnhill

So I had some pretty high hopes for this one, most of which were dashed on the rocks of indifferent-ism. It just looked so cool.....

I was expecting something from the dragon, who turned out to be a one-dimensional side character.

Violet was two-dimensional. More there and yet....really not. She actually sorta annoyed me just a little bit.

Demetrius (awesome name) was just like every single other boy-side-character-that-is-best-friends-with-a-nontraditional-princess.

The Nybbas. As a villain, not that great. Pretty sub-par.

Why was every other word italicized? Why?! What purpose did that serve?

Interesting idea about "the mirrored sky" and how this world came to be.

Glad it's a stand-alone (as far as I know...) because there would be no point in continuing this any further.

Overall, nothing special and I know I won't be re-reading it but for a one time read, it wasn't bad.