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I Shall Wear Midnight - Terry Pratchett All right, just making a note here(this does not affect rating, it just kinda bothered me). Tiffany has to deal with the father who beat his daughter so badly she lost her unborn child and I was all for her giving him a beat down(though not literally, because that would have sorta defeated the purpose) and him getting his comeuppance. But when Tiffany tells him "So she wasn't old enough for a bit of romance...." that's when I got bothered. You did not just refer to a 13 year old getting pregnant with no extenuating circumstances as "a bit of romance".

Lacking the charm and humor of the first three books. Not as much Feegle page time, which was terribly disappointing.

The book seemed to focus mostly on Tiffany being disliked by everyone. (except Preston, who I liked more than Tiffany in this. GO PRESTON!!!) And the Cunning Man was thrown in for some thematic effect (and the explanation for him was pretty lame).

Overall, I was pretty darn disappointed with the final Tiffany Aching book.