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Once Every Never - Lesley Livingston

Clare was a fine MC. I liked her more than not, but she doesn't make my top characters list.

Allie!!! She was probably my favorite. Why is the side best friend always so cool? And smart, but not a genius? With comedic lines? And snark? Who else is super excited that she's the MC of the sequel?

Awww, Milo. I was rooting for him the whole way(though more for his sake than Clare's as I didn't think she appreciated him as much as she should have.) She talked about Milo being a nerd as if it was a bad thing. True, she comes to love it but that's not the point. She should just feel incredibly lucky she got the sweet, smart, hot and over-6-feet, all things Think-Geek combo. As Amelia puts it, "A buffed up nerd...still waiting for one of those to pop up in real life!"
Incredibly lucky.
Honestly, what Clare saw in Connor was confusing me....

Connor was the "eh" factor. I didn't hate him, not even as the third wheel, but I was more then happy to let him have his happy ending with...with...his girl.

The love triangle was- you know what? It's weird. Really weird. I abhor love triangles with a passion. And yet, when Lesley writes them, I'm not a fan of it but I don't mind. description It's very odd but congratulations, Lesley!!

Overall, not my fave LL book but I'm glad I gave it a read(How could I not?) and I'm looking forward to reading the sequel, [b:Every Never After|15841818|Every Never After (Never, #2)|Lesley Livingston|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1349197663s/15841818.jpg|21583821].