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Kill Me Softly - Sarah Cross 1.5 stars.

I told myself, after reading a scathing review, that I would read till page 100 and if I wasn't feeling the love, I'd abandon it. Well, I didn't make it past 80. I didn't finish this for more than a few reasons:

Mira is a damn idiot and makes stupid decisions.
Blue is freaking annoying.
Felix creeps me out.
The Felix/Mira thing is disturbing and stupid and SHE'S FIFTEEN. I got to the hotel scene and that's when I called quits. ICK, NO.
Love triangle.

Things I liked but just weren't enough:

The idea of the fairytale characters and the town they all live in. *cough*Storybrooke*cough*
Them being forced to live out their stories. (But, again, I've seen this done before and better.)
Um...I think that was it.

So big fat pass from me.