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Stork - Wendy Delsol First off, the setting.


There is no such thing as "Minnesota-nice". And if there was, and there isn't, Minnesotans would not refer to it as "Minnesota-nice."

Yokels? Hicks? Alberta Clippers?

Something the Minnesota yokels referred to as an Alberta Clipper was bearing down from the north.

Wha..? I have never ever heard anything referred to as an "Alberta Clipper


Uncultured hicks with poofy hair, hideous clothing, and a hate for all things "civilized"?

No. Please, we're not North Dakota.

But what I'm getting at is you may have lived in California, Kat, but you better stop bashing Minnesota.

I'll grant you that we do have beautiful state parks and that they were described eerily similar to what they actually look like and that it is quite cold here, though. But Kat warms up(Ha) to Minnesota at the end so I suppose it's all good.

What is up with the scratching? Couldn't they find a better way to alert the other Storks of a meeting? I don't understand! And why is there scabs and then no scabs? How do they heal? Why is it scratching!?!?

All I can say about the whole baby debacle is that, HOLY CRAP, STANLEY IS THE PERFECT PERSON. I mean, honestly. You're dating this woman who is finalizing her divorce and gets it on with her soon-to-be ex-husband, where she gets pregnant and you're are the sweetest most caring person towards her and really nice to the dad. I don't know. Either Stanley is perfect or he's planning something.

Jack and Kat were okay. I guess. The "fate/destiny/we're meant to be together forever and we're still in high school" was cliche and silly but I didn't hate Jack so it was okay.

Purely meh. I wouldn't ever re-read but I'm not angry at myself for reading it.