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Pulse - Patrick Carman 1.5 stars.

Summery of the book - Spoilers

Faith: I will stop at nothing to get me a boyfriend. My requirements are: must be taller than me but it's okay if he's an a-hole.

Liz: I have an obsession with how things feel. Can I hold your hand constantly?

Faith: Sure thing. Are these jeans too tight?

Liz: No, girl. They're perfectly shaped to show off your butt.

Faith: PERFECT!!! That'll make all the boys look at me.

Wade: Hi.

Faith: Like, how tall are you?

Wade: Taller than you, babe.


Hawk: *short and smart*

Faith: You're too short. And too young.

Hawk: But I like how those jeans fit you and I can get you free stuff.

Faith: OKAY!!!

Dylan: *broods*

Faith: *notices* How tall is he???

Wade: Don't even look at that pathetic excuse for a boy.

Faith: OKAY!!

Wade: Sweet.

Liz: *moves to the States*

Faith: *mopes*

Wade: Hey, wanna go to a dark isolated place and hang out with me?

Faith: SURE!!!

Wade: *slips Faith a Wire-Code*(Equivalent of a rape drug only he doesn't rape her he kills her parents and a bunch of other people)

Faith: Wow. That was weird. I'm not sure I should hang out with Wade anymore.

Dylan: *facepalm* Should I be rethinking how I feel/think about this girl?.....Nah.

Me: *headdesk*

Hawk: *watches Faith sleep*

Me: Holy crap. Creepy.

Hawk: Hey. Just watching you sleep. Can I come in?

Faith: SURE!! Hop in bed with me!!

Hawk: COOL.

Dylan: *watches both of them sleep*


Clara: *monster crushing on Dylan*

Wade: I've never loved someone like I love Faith.

Me: But..you killed her parents..?

Dylan: You have a pulse, Faith.

Faith: I do?! Does that mean I'm alive??

Dylan: No, you have a "pulse". You can move things with your mind.

Faith: Hmmm. *not sure*

Dylan: I've been watching you sleep, and you do it in your sleep, so I'm telling the truth.

Faith: Wow! He's been watching me sleep! How smexy...

Me: Make it stop.

Clara and Wade: *creepy siblings being creepy*

Faith and Dylan: *fall in love as they practice "pulsing" together* (That sounds so wrong.)

Clara: Faith stole my boyfriend so now she's gonna suffer.

Clara and Wade: *take place in the Field Games and try not to use their powers to cream everyone*

Clara: *kills Liz*


Dylan: *takes Faith to shadowy places to meet his mummy and learn more about the Pulse*

Dylan: I think she has the second pulse.

Faith: Lalalalaaallalla

Dylan's Mom: This one? Seriously? Oh, well. Train her well, son. She's our only hope.

Faith: Lalalalaaallalla

Dylan: I believe in her!

Faith: So what's going on?

Dylan" You have a second pulse, like me, that prevents things from hurting you, unless it's your weakness. Mine is rocks.

Dylan: Also, remember when Wade gave you a Wire-Code and you not remembering that night? He killed your parents.

Faith: I'm going to go *brood*

Dylan: Don't kill yourself!

Faith: I shall exact revenge.

Clara, Wade, Dylan, and Faith: *big showdown*

Dylan and Faith: *mostly triumphant*

Book: *foreshadowing telling me nothing is over yet, sadly*

Me: *twitch* Nope.