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Instead of Three Wishes: Magical Short Stories - Megan Whalen Turner Esp. liked "Factory", "Instead of Three Wishes", "Aunt Charlotte and The NGA Portraits", and "The Baker King."

"A Plague of Leprechaun"

2 stars. Nothing that stood out.

"Leroy Roachbane"

2 stars. My least favorite. Much too odd.


3 stars.

This was, by far, the one that evoked the most emotion from me. Impossible and sad as it is, it was an excellent short story.
One paltry summery coming up:

John, a construction worker, is placed on crane duty at a site. Days are dull until Edwina, a ghost murdered by her family unwilling to make way for the construction company, appears. They become friends, read books and poetry together, exchange stories, Edwina bemoans lack of chocolate, and fall in love. Realizing that he couldn't stand to get promoted, grow old, and live without her, John begins hoarding books and chocolate. One day, he takes his coffee with cyanide up on the crane.

Several months later the a crew member remarks "That he'd seen...two people, a young man and a woman, sitting on invisible furniture with their feet up, reading books and eating chocolates."

I'm not condoning suicide, not even for love(Hello, Romeo and Juliet), but the way MWT writes....It's really quite sweet.

Aunt Charlotte and The NGA Portraits

3 stars. I called it!! Selkie!! I knew it, I knew it! Nice story.

Instead of Three Wishes

3 stars. Cute and fun.

The Nightmare

2.5 stars. Interesting idea. Quite glad that the boy gets what was coming to him.

The Baker King

3 stars. Really liked this one. More reminiscent of "Queen's Thief" than the others, as well.