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The Summoning - Kelley Armstrong Intriguing. Paranormal. Exciting. Supernatural. Thrilling. Page-Turning. Suspending. Scary. Conspiratorial.

A group of kids with supposed mental instabilities or anger issues were sent to live at Lyle House, doing their time and taking their meds until they can go back home.

Chloe sees a ghost and is labeled as schizophrenic.

Her friend, Liz, is transferred to a new group home, but she appears to Chloe at LH, leading Chloe to wonder if the nurses and doctors at LH are telling the truth about what happens when you are transferred or released.

The twist was well played. Never saw it coming.

I would love to see expanded friendship between the characters.

I didn't like Derek at first, he was, gotta be honest, creeping me out but I ended up really liking him.

Cliffhanger ending so beware of that.