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Vessel - Sarah Beth Durst 2.5 stars.

Before reading: WOOOHOO, I want to be at this party!

After reading: I want to go home.

It started like most books, with hope of discovering your new favorite book. I was pretty excited for everything because everything was going well. It wasn't like anything I'd read (unless you count me constantly worrying that Durst would pull a Walt/Anubis like Uncle Rick), I liked the characters, and it had a intriguing story. But then it got so boring. And as J.R.R. Tolkien says "I warn you, if you bore me, I shall take my revenge." My revenge being displeased with it, in this case. It dragged on and on and on. And on. Now if only I'd written notes or written this review faster instead of being a lazy girl and moving on to the next book. But I didn't so I'll skip all the middle boring stuff and go right to the end. Which was a cop-out. A bloody cop-out. I liked the guy she ended up with, though I can't recall his name, but if you spend 400 pages setting two characters up in a doomed relationship that will only end in tears...well, then I guess Durst did okay, though it didn't make me any less incredulous.

But honestly, I did like City Prince(who ended up with Liyana). I did, so props there, Durst.