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Winterling - Sarah Prineas I lost my review previously because it didn't save properly so this is a re do.
2.5 stars. It was all right. 11+.
Underdeveloped characters and unanswered questions abounded but as there will be a sequel I am hoping that my questions will be answered in the next book.
Fer felt like she wanted to be a strong awesome character but never quite accomplished that goal. I never felt that I got to know her as my main character. She needed more personality. I liked RookRobin but I needed backstory. PLEASE, I BEG OF THEE, PRINEAS. GIVE ME BACKSTORY.
And Phouka!! Him too. Give him backstory. I just know that those two tricksy boys have awesome stories to be told.

I was truly gleeful when I realized that though Fer is a changeling girl from another world, Winterling was not just a re-hash of TitaniaOberon's illegitimatelegitimate daughter child. Yay! Thank you, Sarah!

What was up with the magic stick of green spring that showed up near the end of the book? Odd.

I am awaiting my sequel of The Summerkin of 2013.