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Twice Upon a Time - James  Riley 3.5 stars.

There was a typo on page 154 of this edition. "Like we're best friends We just have this instant bond." There's no period between "friends" and "We".

My, my, Bluebeard. Do we have ourselves a pirate Hannibal on our hands?
"Ah, I love when me plans come together so easily!" Methinks so.

WAH?? May would have been Cinderella, pending her abduction by the Wicked Queen? Jack is Jack from "Jack and Jill"? And Lian is Jill!? WELL PLAYED, SIR.

Jack is becoming an Eye, so that's exciting.

This one had it's issues but overall, I really enjoyed it. And the end made up for anything. Really excited for [b:Once Upon the End|15802794|Once Upon the End|James Riley|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1353317128s/15802794.jpg|21526203].