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The Last Guardian - Eoin Colfer My feelings are so mixed about the eighth and final (the last book ever) Artemis Fowl book. I laughed. I cried. I yelled, "Where is Book 9!?", knowing that it will never come. I wished for so much more and yet was strangely satisfied in the oddest way. I know that all good things must come to an end but this was especially cruel. I loved this series and the ending book was no exception. I wanted a more complete ending but I had a feeling that that was how he was going to end it so I was semi-prepared. I am never satisfied when TV shows or other books end it in a similarish way to how this was ended, but after much pondering and a good deal of listening to fan mixes whilst roiling emotions threatened to make me crawl into my sock drawer and cry for days and re-reading sections of the book, I came to a conclusion. I am pretty happy with it. It was good. There were things I could complain about but not right now. I was in no way prepared for the flood of emotions that came up while reading it though. The characters and their sacrifices and friendship and love for one another was so brilliant. I love each of them so much and to see how much they have all changed, esp. Artemis, was heartbreaking. He is one of the greatest characters, in my opinion. That is all I will impart so far. So many feels.

Fan Mix

1.The Birth of an Idea (Zack Hemsey) - Artemis(8) in Fowl Manor
2. Medicine (Daughter) - Holly’s POV= Artemis (7&8)
3. Come Undone (FFH) - ArtemisHollyButlerFoalyMulch (8
4. Facing Demons (Zack Hemsey) - Artemis’ Theme (8)
5. End of An Era (Zack Hemsey) - Artemis (8) Sacrifice
6. Time (Hans Zimmer) - Artemis(8) Sacrifice
7. What Must Be Done (Nick Ellis) - Everyone after sacrifice (8)
8. The Way (Instrumental) (Zack Hemsey) - the world seeing the ruins and rubble (8)
9. Leave Out All The Rest (Linkin Park)- Artemis (8)
10. Somewhere (Within Temptation) - Holly (8)
11. The Way It Ends (Landon Pigg)- Artemis (8)
12. Fix You (Coldplay) - ArtemisHollyButlerFoaly (8) the end