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The FitzOsbornes in Exile - Michelle Cooper 3.5 stars.

Lovely writing. I adore the setting. The family ties. The historical aspect.

One of my only qualms was the Toby/Simon storyline. It is slightly uncomfortable to read about, though there is never anything bad. Also, historically speaking, I highly doubt that Sophie would have been writing about that in her journal, not even going into that none of them would have been complacent with that. Plus, while all that is going on, Sophie is still harboring a crush on Simon.


Okay. Someone read Book 3 and warned me that it all goes to Hades. She informed me of what happens and I have some words, mainly: WHAT IN THE FARTHEST CIRCLES OF HELL IS GOING ON? THIS IS *BLEEPING BEEP*. So I won't be finishing the series. It had a lot of potential but I heard what happens.....I. Am. Out.