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Revived - Cat Patrick 2.5 stars.

I lost my review, not once, but twice, so I really don't the patience to retype up everything...again.

I suppose my main issue with this is that it started out promising and quickly dissolved into drooling over Matt and completely forgoing what I had previously assumed was the plot.

Daisy, our main ditz character, is part of an experiment called Revive, one that with a injection can bring the dead back to life. Daisy has died 4 times since her first death. She's died by bus crash(the initial death), bee sting, grape lodged in her throat, asphyxiation from swimming behind an idling boat for waaay too long(genius move there), etc. With each new death comes a new identity and her handlers, Mason and Cassie, drag her to a new town. Her latest and greatest? Omaha, Nebraska, where she meets Matt and Audrey, two siblings that quickly become her best friends. What Daisy doesn't know, at first, is that Audrey has terminal cancer. (Audrey and Daisy's friendship was well done, admittedly. Unfortunately, Matt and Daisy's relationship took over) Daisy, not being the brightest lightbulb, decides to tell the love of her life, Matt, all about Revive and then, apparently, didn't see him being rather annoyed about her telling him that Revive doesn't work on anyone with gun shot wounds or cancer coming. But she steals some Revive for Audrey because Matt asked and, as expected, it doesn't work and Audrey dies. Soon after, there's the make-out scene with the "clothes undone and rumpled" but, thank God, we didn't actually go there cause my sister just died. That would have been a mistake.

No shit, Matt.

Anyways...Daisy told Matt, "God"

"Because Revive brings you back from the dead, and that's a God-like ability, the core group of agents started calling the program the God Project. They secretly dubbed the guy in charge God; they call themselves Disciples; and eventually, when they had human test subjects, they named us Converts. The nicknames stuck."
"That is totally messed up."

Thank you, Matt! Precisely my thoughts. Esp. since every time "God" is mentioned, it's always "You can't let God control you" or "And you're nothing like God. You're a real father." It threw me for a loop.)

is displeased, he's had a cunning sociopathic(By which I mean he instigated the bus crash; it was no accident. Though what he was planning on doing about it I honestly never quite got) plan this whole time, and Daisy, being our daring heroine, eventually gets around to ruining it. It only takes 2 chapters but I'm sure she worked hard. Personally, the whole explanation was rather poorly thought out.
And Matt and Daisy work out their relationship long distance. Aw.
And then there was Mason. I LOVE MASON AND HE'S THE BEST. Sadly, he's barely in it.

So no, it wasn't terrible but I wouldn't recommend it.