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Tyger Tyger - Kersten Hamilton Awesome book! Great characters. Action packed. Exciting. Irish folklore. Fey. Goblins.

Teagan's life is pretty good. She has a younger brother, good parents, a quirky best friend, and works at the zoo. Until creatures from the fey world show up to torment her and her family is torn apart. With everything Teagan has at stake, she sets out on a rescue mission in Mag Mell for her father, accompanied by Aiden and Finn.

The Irish Traveler family is fully awesome.

The girls (Teagan and Abbey) are great characters but the boys take the cake.

Aiden is a sweetheart and too cute for words.

Finn. What to say? Finn is Irish, a fighter, the Mac Cumhaill Hot.... Very sweet.

I thought that the romance was very well done. Not too mushy or all encompassing. Life or death situations here. The attraction is there but we can deal with it in our spare time and when the goblins aren't trying to kill us.

Loved it! Can't wait for more!

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