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The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey There was this box of free pamphlet/teaser thingiemabobs of this at the bookstore, so of course I snatched one up. Who wouldn't? My sister, apparently... Thus, added to the TBR list.

I didn't even realize this was the same author as the "Alfred Kropp" books! Much different feel to the writing.


Ooooookaaay. This was pretty crappy, which shouldn't have surprised me but it did, especially considering how many people went all gaga over it. It's quickly rising in the ranks of popular books (Hmm. You know what? That should have clued me in) and I'm not sure how or why. So here goes:

Cons - Most of The Book


Cassie, our main main character, is supposed to be all badass and she mostly is for about the first 30 pages(except when going off about Ben. Ben, the most amazing hot boy at her school in the universe, including but not limited to all the aliens as well), enter Evan(Haha, more on him later) and she turns into a doe-eyed lovesick "I'm gonna tell you Imma badass and then..not be". This doesn't work. She's whiny and kinda stupid and unlikable. She prances around going back and forth from thinking she's the last human left, and everyone knows she's not, to using her brain and realizing she isn't. But the main problem there is that she does that twice a chapter for the first 26 chapters of the book. The one thing that I liked her for was her trying to save Sams. Because he's worth it.

I liked Evan up to a couple of points. Those points being him watching Cassie sleep all the time like a creeper, him acting perfect all the time(I don't trust perfect people), him sorta attempting to kill Cassie only to not and then fall in love with her. Come oooon. and that Cassie tells him to back off and this happens:

Cassie: Don't kiss me. This is not flirting
Evan: *kisses her*
Cassie: Kiss me again and I'll kick you in the balls.
Evan: *picks her up, deposits on bed* I'm not letting you.....fly away from me. *kissy face*
Cassie: Oh well. Guess he didn't listen.
Cassie: Yeah, whatever, let's just make out.

I'm not letting Cassie off scott-free either but a girl

A) Tells you no
B) Pushes you away
C) Doesn't appreciate your advances
D) Any/all of the above

and YOU BACK THE HELL OFF. This is the problem. The characters, especially when involved in their crappy stupid romance, SUCKED.


There's aliens. Okay, I'm with you so far. And they are sending "waves" to slowly kill off the humans because they don't want to destroy the planet because they want it. Righto... But then they also want some slaves, you say? And the waves are comprised of disease ridden birds descending on the population, and earthquakes, and now aliens in the humans turning on the humans? That's all very interesting but, what even? Are these sadistic aliens? Because otherwise I can think of about 20 different, better, ways to go about killing some of the humans but not all of the humans and still keep the planet intact. What do they really want? Are we ever gonna talk to one that will explain what the heck is going on? Because, I'm sorry, Evan's sorry explanation wasn't cutting it for me.

Romance/Love Triangle?

Cassie had a crush on Ben, who didn't really know she existed, cause he was soooo hawt , even though if Cassie had taken her eyes off his gorgeous body and gotten her head out of wherever it might have been stuck, she might have realized that he's actually worth more as a human being than eye candy.

Enter gorgeous caring wonderful amazing alien Evan, who washes her hair and tried to kill her and she is now desperately in love with and they are gonna have so-and-so many kids and blah blah blah. But it went too fast and Evan is kinda a creeper.

Enter the end of the book with Cassie and Ben, sitting next to each other, watching the sunrise. Pretty sure they're holding hands or she's laying on his shoulder or something.

If that doesn't scream "LOVE TRIANGLE APPROACHING", I don't know what does. This is especially upsetting as, not only do I abhor love triangles with every fiber of my being, BEN BELONGS WITH RINGER, DAMMMIT!


I don't know what exactly I didn't like about the writing but it felt too forced and sometimes simplistic and choppy. It felt like he was trying to be another [a:Stephen Chbosky|12898|Stephen Chbosky|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1199070302p2/12898.jpg] or [a:John Green|1406384|John Green|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1353452301p2/1406384.jpg], with lines like "I was the sun gone supernova" and endless crap about humanity.



Sams, I felt, indirectly was the heart of the book. Everyone connects to him. Cassie's trying to save him, Evan's helping Cassie save him, he's in Ben's platoon, Ben becomes basically his older brother/mentor/best friend, etc. His POV was boring and rather silly, probably because writing a POV from a 5 year olds perspective isn't all that compelling, and doesn't actually benefit the book. But oh well. Still one of the best characters.

And then there was Ben. I honestly wasn't expecting him to show up let alone be a main character. However, that was quite possibly the best thing that Yancy did in this book, giving me Ben.
Ben is my favorite character; he's protective, esp. of his platoon, he's kinda a bad-ass, him and Ringer(whom I also liked) are one of those cute "we'll be bad-asses together" couples, he's (mostly) smart about everything going on, and, best of all, he doesn't annoy me.

I think...I think that's it for the good stuff.

It was not my type of book, issues abounded for me, and liking one character a whole lot just is in no way enough to entice me to continue with the series.