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The Fault in Our Stars - John Green 2.5 stars.

It was OKAY. *devolves into helpless laughter*

Now every time I hear someone praising this book, I imagine this scene:

A young girl lights a candle on a table strewn with John Green books and paraphernalia. There is a large John Green photo at the head of the table, the quality and vantage suggests that it was taken personally by the young girl as she hid beneath one of John Green's windows at his house in Indianapolis, Indiana. She kneels beside the table and begins to read The Fault in Our Stars reverently and slowly.

I laughed harder at this scene than at any other:

"Qualities of a Good Nurse: Go," I said.
"1. Doesn't pun on your disability," Isaac said.
"2. Gets blood on the first try," I said.
"Seriously, that is huge. I mean, is this my arm or a freaking dartboard? 3. No condescending voice."

Number 2 got to me. As someone who had some pretty worthless nurses when it came to drawing blood or setting up an usable IV that didn't take 3+ tries and didn't end up with a bent needle when they pulled it out yet again because that try didn't work either, this was easily one of the most funny conversations.

I guess my main beef with this is that I never cared and, esp. with a story like this, you're supposed to. A lot. But I never did. And I think it was partly because I felt disconnected, like it was Hazel being funny and it wasn't Gus being "deep", it was John Green trying to be those things. And I felt bad for not caring that Gus dies and Hazel is heartbroken and dying too, but then I thought about it and said, "No, I don't feel bad. It's not my fault I didn't care, it was something in the author's writing." Don't get me wrong, the man can write, though whether it is my kind of writing is highly debatable. There were times I laughed at a particular phrase, like the breakfast food conversation, and there were times I rolled my eyes, Gus' cigarette fetish, and there were times I cringed, Yeah, let's throw in a sex scene, yay! Granted, it was probably one of the the more "tastefully done", if you could call it that. , and then there was more eye rolling, at practically every deep pretentious thing any character said, and the entire time, not a single tear was shed nor welled.

It just wasn't for me, pure and simple. I would never re-read and I won't be going 'round recommending it, though I didn't hate it by any means.