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The Scorpio Races - Maggie Stiefvater 4.5 stars.

*First read in Nov. 2011.*

Loved it!

Mindlessly wandering around my house one day, I saw this beautiful book lying around and, unsurprisingly, picked it up. I read the flap. I stared at the cover. I thought, "Mmmmm. This is my sister's book," furtively looking around with shifty eyes. And proceeded to gleefully tear through 90 pages till I heard my sister coming, regretfully dropped it, and ran away. I was still thinking about "that pretty awesome if slightly boring but so addicting book that was lying around with no one reading it" when my sister hands it to me, saying, "Read this. You'll like." And so I did.

The atmosphere is great; esp. when you read it on Nov. 1st, as I did.

The Scorpio Races are held once a year in November. Deadly and exciting, men of all ages sign up to compete in the races, fully aware of the man-eating capaill uisce they ride in the races. The capaill uisce come from the ocean in the fall and they are constantly being caught to be "trained" and ridden in the races. They are incredibly dangerous and bloodthirsty.

The Connolly's parents died in a boating accident that resulted in them being killed by the capaill uisce. The siblings have been taking care of each other ever since. Puck Conally's older brother, Gabe, is planning on leaving the island because he "can't bear it anymore" and, in a act of rebellion and independence, Puck signs up for the Scorpio Races. Financial problems demand that something be done and she wishes to keep Gabe on the island of Thisby for as long as she can.
She is planning on riding her regular horse, Dove, in the race. There are no rules against this because they never thought someone would be stupid, or daring, enough to try it.

Sean Kendrick has ridden in the Scorpio Races for years on the capaill uisce, Corr. He has won the last four years in a row. He has the ability to work with the capaill uisce with a better than fair outcome. Sean's best friend is Corr, a blood-red capaill uisce stallion, and, in order to own Corr, Sean must also win this year's Scorpio Race. And the losers never fare well...

Beautifully written with some heart-wrenching moments (especially that end), The Scorpio Races is a great book with a timeless atmosphere, alternating narration, a touch of romance and a deadly race.

I actually would have liked a tad MORE romance. It was lovely and sweet as it was but very light. Well played, Stiefvater. Well played.
"I think every now and then about Sean’s thumb pressed against my wrist and daydream about him touching me again. But mostly I think about the way he looks at me – with respect – and I think that’s probably worth more than anything."

RESPECT. Finding out what that means to me because that's what I'm talking about.
Take a lesson, other authors. Please.

“I say, 'I will not be your weakness, Sean Kendrick.'
Now he looks at me. He says, very softly, 'It's late for that, Puck.”

Hee hee. My darlings....

And as much as I love that it is a stand-alone book; I really wouldn't mind a sequel.

The book did take me a while to get into, as it is quite slow in the beginning and doesn't pick up for a while. I kept reading for the promise of things to come, the characters, and the occasional scenes that perked my interest and kept me reading long into the wee hours of the morning. I was not disappointed. HIGHLY recommended.

Fan Cast:

All right, it's not a perfect fit but I sorta envision Colton Haynes as Sean.