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Across the Universe - Beth Revis This was so very much a case of "OH JUST END THE BOOK ALREADY. OR, YOU KNOW, DO SOMETHING not sexually related. OR MAKE ME CARE." But no. I just slogged my way through, completely indifferent and trying to avoid the digustingly semi-graphic sexy times. And what bothered me about those is that I understood why there was "The Season" and society was the way it was and why there were random people having sex in the freaking streets, like, I GOT that. It was actually fairly relevent, but what I didn't get is why it had to be so very in-your-face. Really classy.

Amy is such a Mary Sue, just shoot me now. She acts like a 12 year old half the time and the rest she has no character. She is a non-entity that wanders Godspeed and occasionally makes goo-goo eyes at Elder.
Elder is blarghy teenage angst with a dash of lovesick puppy. That is all.