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Exposure - Kathy Reichs, Brendan Reichs

Very angst. Much unbelievable. Such bored.

And there you have it. But seriously, each new book in the series gets progressively worse. The characters, by which I mean Ben and Chance, get more annoying, the book is always at least 100 pages too long, and the plot for the individual books are pathetic or ill-written.

For example, Chance. Chance is something like 19. He's a multi-billionaire. And he IS Jackson Whittemore from Teen Wolf, no joke. His whole life is consumed with finding out what Tory and her gang pack are and becoming it too. He cannot rest till he has accomplished his goal and he's a giant jackass, to boot. Despite being a bajillionarie, I find it highly unbelievable that he can literally do whatever he wants and experiment in labs and wander in and out of anywhere and everywhere and no one ever questions him or wonders what he's doing or anything. Urgh.

Or, and here's a gem, why would two teenagers who wish to fake their kidnapping in order to get ransom money from their (apparently) horrible stepfather ASK A COP TO HELP THEM? Like, how did that even come about?

Kids: *wander into police station*

Cops: *eating donuts*

Kids: *spot a likely candidate*

Kids: Hey, mister. Want to help us fake our kidnapping for $5 million ransom, which is entirely too much to ask, so that we can use that money to make our own way in the world, even though this is an ill-fated plot that will never work out?

Likely Candidate: *silently ponders*

Kids: Oh, pretty please, mister cop!! We'll give you $1 million of it.

Likely Candidate: Okay!!

And like any good self-enterprising cop, Likely Candidate plans to double-cross the Kids, kill everyone in his way, and abscond with the $5 million.

Just not getting into this series and, after picking up the last book and paging absentmindedly through it, I shan't be finishing the series. I simply don't care enough.