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Red Queen

Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard

I went into this book with very low expectations, which is probably why I was pleasantly surprised for most of it. I liked the story, so far as the X-Men meets high political fantasy went, but it was seriously bogged down with romantic entanglements, what with a frelling love square. That's a new trend, I'm seeing. Love triangles are so 2011.


Regardless, I was quite pleased that Mare was not the only super-special snowflake, as that and the love square would have tipped me over the edge. But even though, love square annoyance aside, it was a fine book, I have to agree with my friend Kass: "I don't care for this book one bit because, frankly, I feel like I've already read it. Multiple times."

There's really nothing wrong with the book but also not very much right, unless you count the gorgeous cover and endpages. The story has been done before and it'll be done again. (On a slightly related note, I keep hearing people comparing it to Red Rising and their comparisons seem legit, but I've never read it.) I wish I liked it, but it just wasn't doing anything for me.