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An Unlikely Match

An Unlikely Match - Sarah M. Eden

So when I heard about this book, I was skeptical but there was a part of me that really wanted to read it because any book that could, potentially, pull off a charming and fluffy romance between a ghost and a guy, oooh, I wanted to read that book. But, unfortunately for me, this book did not live up to its potential.

It was the one of the saddest cases of Insta!love I've read about in a while, considering that they barely even interacted with one another before, POOF!, they were "in love". He went from not believing in her existence to tolerating her presence in his house to loving her in the space of 100 pages, which may seem like a lot, but she doesn't show up for a while, so far as he knows, and also they spend almost zero page time actually in each other's presence. Now some of their romance was off-page, but I didn't get to read it, so I don't much see what the point of that was, especially since it killed what investment I had in their story.

And to top it all off, I was flabbergasted by how terribly written the end was. Plot bunnies abounded and were running off with my lettuce and all logic. I still have no idea how Gwen was dead and she was a sacrifice in a creepy ritual and the ritual needs to be keep being performed, so her spirit comes back (I got that bit), but her body really is truly dead and decayed, so how does it come back? It just didn't make any sense. Nor does the fact that it is mentioned that the ghosts cannot pick up anything corporal, and nor can the living pick up anything incorporeal. Okay, sounds legit. But ghost-priest picks up the book and then, later, when it is convenient, Nick's real live living friend picks up the same book and throws it into a ghostly fire that burns it up completely? How does this work?? Frankly, most of this book, but especially the last 50 pages or so, was strikingly unbelievable. And I do not say this because it was a romance between a ghost and a living guy. I was ready to roll along with that, but the rest of it, nope. I draw the line somewhere.

In a truly tragic turn of events, I lost my bookmark, which also had all my notes scribbled on it, which included a trulyamazingly laughable quote, but I shall do my best to remember it...

"The sight of him took her breath away, despite the fact that she had no breath that could be taken away."

I have no words for this, so I will leave you with: