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Attack On Titan: No Regrets Vol. 1

Attack on Titan: No Regrets 1 - Hikaru Suruga, Gan Sunaaku, Hajime Isayama

I might have enjoyed this volume more than any of the original AOT manga series, despite a lack of my favorite character, Mikasa. Reading and watching AOT, I never really got Levi, or particularly cared for him. (Probably mostly because I never got far enough into the story to really grow attached to him?) He simply was the character with the dead eyes that my Goddaughter got me to impersonate, with photographic evidence that should be burnt. Regardless, this volume contained actual character development and backstory, which I am all about. There was a minimal of crazy action where no one can tell what's going on, and also far less disturbing Titans running amok, though that one Abnormal running around like a drunk bloodthirsty fashion diva perhaps fulfilled the quota? In any case, I find myself actually looking forward to reading Vol. 2.

As I understood it, Hikaru Suruga should be commended for getting the art to look nearly exactly like the art of the original AOT manga. However, he should also be berated for making it look nearly exactly like the truly awful original art. Any opportunity to change how that art looks should be taken immediately. Although I thought some of it was maybe ever so slightly better? Or maybe I was just getting used to it D:

Oh, and one more thing....