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The Barefoot Book of Giants, Ghosts and Goblins

The Barefoot Book of Giants, Ghosts and Goblins: Traditional Tales from Around the World - John Matthews

My favorite of the stories was the Chinese story "The Drinking Companions", which was sweet, steeped in friendship, and tickled my fancy.

The odd story "The Bunyip" was actually rather fun, as it explained, as only fairytales and fables can, the reason why black swans come from Australia.

"The Goblin, The Grocer, and The Student" was cute, mostly because I liked the goblin.

"Oona and the Giant" was your typical fairytale, where wits conquer strength.

"The Giant With No Heart In His Body" was very similar to "Oona and the Giant", except we had the addition of another typical fairytale element: a heart not in a chest cavity, where it belongs. Also, wits conquered strength again, yay!

"The Lass Who Couldn't Be Frightened" was charming enough, and I liked how she was pretty fierce, so long as there were no mice involved!

"The Ghost With Two Faces" was creepy beyond all belief, and also the story with the least amount of an actual story.

"Little Oonyani" and "A-Man-Among-Men" were not very memorable and the most lackluster of the bunch.

However, the illustrations for all of them were hideous and/or occasionally intensely disturbing. To the point where I would never show that to a child for fear they'd have nightmares, ex. "The Ghost With Two Faces".