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P Is for Princess: A Royal Alphabet

P Is for Princess: A Royal Alphabet (Sleeping Bear Alphabets) - 'Steven L. Layne',  'Deborah Dover Layne',  'Robert Papp',  'Lisa Papp'

I loved the illustrations, most especially the stunningly realistic gorgeous ones by Robert Papp. The more whimsical and charming illustrations were by his wife Lisa Papp, which I liked, but not nearly to the same degree. The book itself is cute, and I liked that there was more information on the sides, something extra for you or for when your child is a bit more grown up.

The word choices for the alphabet were pretty legit, however, I do call foul on their "Z". CZAR?? Really? It's just...it's not a "Z". And while they do acknowledge that, it still seems like cheating.*forever cries over Nicholas just wanting to have a farm in England*