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Glimmer Of Hope

Glimmer of Hope - Sarah M. Eden

Other title option: Miscommunication and Connivings(Yeah!!)


A charming book with lots of fun amidst all the tears. It was also really refreshing that the couple was already married, even though we did go through them falling in love (again?), it was still a nice change.


Miranda and Carter are a tiny bit at odds with one another, especially considering that both of them think that the other abandoned them. How is it such a stunning lack of communication possible, you ask? Well, I'm sure Miranda and Carter would also very much like to know. Irregardless, Miranda is fairly happily living her life with her grandfather when, out of the blue, her less than attentive husband shows up, planning a party. Miranda, while not super thrilled by this turn of events, is even more curious as to why her husband has decided to show back up. Even more confusing, he seems to blame her for their marital issues, though the subject is mostly studiously avoided.


Carter is just as confused as Miranda. She left him, didn’t she? Why should she be angry at him and, more importantly, why does his demmed heart keep acting up whenever he’s around her? He has been down that road before and it only ends in heartbreak. Well, it can’t hurt to bring her a coat when she’s cold, can it? And then sooner or later he finds himself trying to make her smile and attempting to spend as much time in her company as he possibly can. But his mother, ugh!


Miranda is not of the ton; in fact, she’s never even been to London!! *cue horrified gasps* Carter’s mother is convinced that Miranda cannot properly host the ongoing party, so even though it is Miranda's right and appearances must be kept, she will not stop running Miranda into the ground with tasks here and lectures there and, gads, will the woman ever stop treating Miranda so horridly? Can’t she see that Miranda is not at all feeling well?


And then some secrets come out; some sorrowful and others terrible, but all with heavy impacts on Miranda and Carter's lives.

Miranda’s past pregnancy was most distressing to me, especially as told through the letters Carter discovers. And I have to say that I was a little bit shocked at just how heartless Carter's parents were. I assumed that his witch of a mother was involved in nearly permanently ruining Miranda and Carter's marriage, but she was so matter-of-fact when Carter confronted her. Can't say I was surprised concerning Miranda's heart condition. That was pretty obvious, though it clearly wasn't meant to be surprising to us but to Carter.

(show spoiler)


Only complaint was that Sarah Eden seems to have a a few plot points/events/scenes that take place in nearly all her books, or at the very least, the ones I've read. They're good stuff, don't get me wrong, but they start to blend together because they are so very nearly the same.