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Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa - Kristen Lippert-Martin

I actually enjoyed the first half of this book very much. It was engaging and suspenseful and kept me flipping the pages until a wee bit later than I probably should have. But then the last, hmm, fourth of the book was a hot mess. So many unanswered questions; not to mention plot bunnies everywhere. I was more confused and disappointed than upset, but hence the low-ish rating.




Sarah/Angel is so special. Special powers, special family, special you. Even her "name". I'm so done with these special names that someone/you gave you(rself). Especially when it's "Angel." *cringes* She was special in the beginning of the story, anyone could see. And it was kinda great, because it was said and you knew and there was promise of her being super cool without overdoing it. And then it was overdone like a chewy steak.


"I am way, way too angry to die."

Fun fact: Anger does not have healing properties, nor does it repel bullets, shrapnel, shock blasts, etc.
Sarah, you precious thing, you are trying way, way too hard.


Thomas was a very good character, except for the whole bribery kissing. *frowny face* But otherwise! He was funny without simply being comic relief, and he played off of Sarah's character well. Little bit of a rough start though; I wasn't sure how I would like someone who was refusing to help the escaped mental patient. Okay, well, actually....he might have had a point. Still, she would have frozen to death or been shot. Decisions. And then at the end, he says this:


"I don't want you shortening your life by even one day for my sake."

N'awwwww. And that's what I like to see.


Though I wasn't a huge fan of how Thomas and Sarah used Sylvester, Jerry(Tom?), Sam, and the other one, I could understand why they did what they did. There was no way to really help them, and if anyone wanted to get out of there alive, they needed to lie to them. Still, it was very sad, though more having to do with these guys' life situations than anything else.


Oscar had many issues, though I can't entirely blame him for some of his actions that took place post-experiment. However, he felt like a means to an end, rather than a character, so my condolences there.


Joli, though we didn't see much of her, garnered the most sympathy from me. She deserved a better life.



I wanted a lot more from the story than I got. There was a lot of promise in the beginning and then I realized that it would have much to do with Sarah/Angel's father, which is terribly overused, to be honest. (But I was wrong about who her father was. I really should have figured it out, considering that he was old enough to be her grandfather. *dorky grin* Pun intended.) Not to mention that Thomas' mother is evil and also plays a huge role. I just. If you're going to go that route, do it well. And the motivations of these people were so contrived. Yeah, yeah, Hodges' main motive was greed; that's great and all, but her method was ever so slightly unbelievable. Though she was trying to please Virgil...Still, it didn't sit right with me. Also, the two experiments that were going on in this place, the super-power one and the tabula rasa, how exactly did these two get mixed up together?? Though I'm sure it was similar to how Splenda came to be, now that I'm thinking about it.


But the super-power one was certainly interesting, though with zero explanation as to how they actually figured it out. The "super-power", as I understood it, is the ability to turn on and off the brain's capacity to "think faster", much like the brain does when in danger. However, this wears a person down and shortens their life span, so really, I don't imagine that Sarah will be using her so-called super-power very often. And is she the only person who has it? Why did it only work on her? Is it just 'cause she's special or is there a deeper reasoning behind it? IS THIS A SERIES?!




Very frustrating, as there was barely any resolution, and many questions were just left floating there.




I really wanted to know where this was supposed to have taken place, other than a vague "yards away from Canada". All we know is snow, snow, mountains, cold. My guess is Alaska, though Sarah's guess of Montana could be correct. But we're never told.




There was no love triangle!! Hallelujah! Guess what I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving!