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Midnight Thief

Midnight Thief - Livia Blackburne

There has been a slew of books lately centering around thieves and assassins (and the guild thereof). I think it's becoming a thing. Now, personally, I'm almost always down with some good cons and thievery, assassins less so, but every one of this type of books I've come across reads fine, but feels like it's sorely lacking something. Namely, a character that I can root for. Characters like that, I want to know how their life ends up, and if they're happy and where they've been and most importantly, where they're going. Kyra is just a mundane and uninspiring character to me. Is she an admirable person. Actually, yes. (Though she doesn't have much of a sense of humor...) So even though I liked Kyra on the outside, I felt like she wasn't her own character. She was nearly just like every other generic female YA protagonists in the last 10 years. So while I LOVE that I didn't want to slap her, and that I could admire most of the choices that she made, and that she was a good person, she was rather like an actor that delivers all their lines in monotone. That analogy doesn't fit exactly like I want it to but it's close enough.

Plot-wise, it's much the same. Nothing to write home about and not a whole lot I haven't seen before. Though the part that I didn't really see coming

"YER A SHAPESHIFTER, KYRA" is about the extent of it.

(show spoiler)

didn't wow me by any means, because A. it could have been written better and B. I didn't really care.

The dust jacket description was so misleading!!! And I was so happy about that. They really played up the (nearly non-existent) love triangle. What little romance there was was very light and refreshing; I was fearing expecting much more. True, Tristam (just bloody name him Tristan and be done with it) was a tad dull, but at least he wasn't played up as this hot amazing guy with flashing green eyes and slabs of muscle. AT LEAST.

And that's all she wrote, folks. Will I be back for a second helping? Nah. But I will drool over this cover whenever I see it.